Masana concept

We want people that mean a lot to us to wear beautiful accessories.


From the sentiments of "Wishing your special person to wear a beautiful piece", based on the aesthetic concept of “Iki (stylishness)” only possessed by the Japanese, a jewelry that makes one feel noble, flexible, and at times strength, is put forward.



brand profile

Brand manager宮本 裕介 / YUSUKE MIYAMOTO

1973年11月1日生まれ 東京都出身。 アパレル系専門学校を卒業後、数多くのジュエリーメーカーでの修行を経て、2011年に独立。2018年春よりMASANAを本格的に始動させる。
私は、元々ものづくりが好きでジュエリー制作に従事してきましたが、「誰のためにジュエリーを作るのか?」というデザインの本質的必要性と自分自身が向き合う機会が多くなり、ファストファッションの流れの中に身を置き、ジュエリーやアクセサリーを作り続けることに抵抗を感じるようになっていきました。「大切な人に美しいものを身につけてほしい」 という想いを基幹として、メイドインジャパンにこだわり、付加価値のある消費されないジュエリーを提案していきます。

Graduating from a vocational school of apparel, received tremendous trainings in various jewelry makers, eventually established his own business in 2011, and finally started MASANA earnestly in spring, 2018.
I enjoy making jewelry and participating in related tasks, and from that I acquired the opportunity to think of the fundamental, self-reflecting question in the design industry, which is “who is making jewelry for whom?” Breathing in the flow of fast fashion I found I am dragging out myself from making jewelry and accessories. “We want people that mean a lot to us to wear beautiful accessories”Our thought of putting splendid items on our important ones Based on this core concept we keep everything made in Japan and thus in good-quality. We only present jewelry that won’t be consumed by any undesirable added value.